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About Us

With over 65 years of history in the grain industry, the core business for Hanlon Enterprises includes grain trading, storage, fertiliser, bulk transport and mixed farming operations. We work with a range of customers in dairy, farming, cropping, flour mills, stock feeds and feedlots across the East coast.

We are located in regional NSW in the heart of the Riverina grain belt. The Riverina is one of the most fertile and productive regions in Australia and produces a wide range of grains, oilseeds and pulses.

We currently run a fleet of 12 trucks that can deliver and pick up grain or fertiliser to store and/or sell. We operate a brand new, state-of-the-art truck wash bay, which makes easy work of truck cleaning, and offer a dedicated hi-flow diesel pump service with high quality fuel for the general public.

We pride ourselves on our great customer service and are constantly innovating more efficient ways of operating from new digital services to loading, unloading, transporting and storage.

Our headquarters are based in Junee, where we offer 20,000 tonnes of storage with a second depot in Ungarie providing an additional 50,000 tonnes of storage. Both storage facilities are easily accessible and customer orders can be accommodated at short notice. 

Hanlon Enterprises was Established in 1955 by Leo Hanlon and was passed down to his son Peter. Today third generation Hanlon’s Gerard and Josh, operate and manage Hanlon Enterprises and it’s twenty full-time staff.

The Hanlon team are dedicated to managing the regional grain and fertiliser supply chain and the needs of local growers. Our ‘end to end’ supply chain allows us to provide quality assurance, confidence of supply and competitive pricing at every stage of the grain handling process.


Our History

Hanlon Enterprises is a family owned and operated business established by Leo Hanlon in 1955 and traded as LB & NG Hanlon. Their primary business was to deliver Caltex fuel to farmers and service stations around the Illabo and Junee shires. In the early sixties, Hanlon Enterprises ventured into grain trading and the storage of malting barley. As this side of the business grew, it became apparent that a reliable local transport and distribution source was required so in the mid seventies the company purchased it’s first semi trailer and commenced delivering grain to capital cities. Two years later the company purchased AFL Fertiliser, a business from Bethungra, which was then relocated to Illabo. The acquisition provided Hanlon Enterprises with the ability to backload from capital cities and also enabled the business to provide growers with a more personalised service and deliver fertiliser directly to their farms. Today the business is focused on grain trading and storage, fertiliser, bulk transport and mixed farming operations and second and third generation Hanlon’s, Peter and his two sons, Gerard and Josh, operate and manage the company and its staff.