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Storage & Handling

Our headquarters are based in Junee, where we offer 20,000 tonnes of storage with a second depot in Ungarie, providing an additional 50,000 tonnes of storage. This level of grain capacity allows us to accommodate delivery of large daily tonnages. With the two depots, we have the ability to hold 70,000 tonnes of grain, oilseeds and pulses. Our Junee depot supplies fertiliser such as MAP, single super, DAP, Urea, Granam as well as soil conditioners Lime and Gypsum. Both storage facilities are easily accessible and customer orders can be accommodated at short notice.

We have over 70 years of experience in storing large volumes of grains including Wheat, Barley, Oats, Canola and Lupins. We understand storing your grain is a significant investment. Our leading storage facilities include receival and dispatch over our 60 tonne 27 metre computerised digital weighbridge. We can cater for large or small storage volumes and work with our clients on their required storage period.

Storing your grain in our storage facilities gives you the opportunity to achieve best market value for your product throughout the year.

To ensure fast and efficient turn around, we have multiple receive points at both depots. We maintain grain quality through using best-practice storage management. 

We are a friendly, trustworthy and reliable team that are happy to answer any questions you have about storage, marketing and transport. As we are involved in all aspects of the supply chain, we have a great appreciation of the importance of an efficient turn around. We can receive, store and deliver grain to your desired domestic delivery point.

For any storage & handling enquiries

Contact us today if you would like to know more about our storage and handling services on 02 6924 1786 or send us an enquiry.